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Introducing the Army of 29 Cats - a groundbreaking entertainment company with a mission to transport audiences to a world of adventure and intrigue like no other. Our intellectual property includes an epic tale of a brave Army of 29 Cats, each with their unique personalities and abilities, who join forces to fight against the forces of darkness and attempt to rescue both their beloved friends and Atomic City.

army of 29cats

Atomic City

Crucible of Greed and Neglect

McGrady and Paws Skaggs set to find their friend Felina after hearing that she has gone missing. Atomic City ... Intrigue and mystery are set 


Episode Four


As the group has now grown to 5 cats, they learn to cooperate despite their differences. Their first obstacle is to cross the superhighway of Atomic City. And if that wasn't enough, they face the net of an animal controller. 

Under Development

Episode Five

Carnival of Shadows

In order to square a deal and establish trust within the team, McGrady, Paws, Grace, Waffles, and Metcalf must apply what they've learned in order to reclaim hallowed ground. A powerful foe threatens to end the adventure right then and there.

Under Development

Episode Six

Road to Siam Town

The trust and wisdom of the team is tested when we meet the mysterious "Ghosts", Abe and Eli. Fraternal twin black cats who speak poetically and finish each other's sentences. They offer insight on Felina's whereabouts. We learn of the Siamese Syndicate and the dangers therof.

Under Development

episode one

Malaise of Mankind

McGrady and Paws Skaggs set to find their friend Felina after hearing that she has gone missing. Meanwhile, mysterious purple sludge starts to pollute Atomic City ... Intrigue and mystery are set afoot ...

Under Development

Episode Two

The Amazing Grace of Professor Waffles

McGrady and Paws Skaggs arrive to Electron Avenue unaware that they are been tracked by Mr. Geiger and his army of Raccoons. After an eventful encounter, they befriend Professor Waffles and his daughter Amazing Grace. 

Under Development

Episode Three

Enter the Mangler

The newly joined foursome sets to find Felina and solve the mystery of purple sludge. As they travel to the last known location of Felina, they are surprised by a rainstorm. Seeking cover in an abandoned building, they encounter its fearless resident. Who or What is the Mangler? 

Under Development

Episode Summaries

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Episode Seven

Queen's Crusade

Abe and Eli have a debt to the Queen of Siam. In order to gain critical knowledge of Felina's whereabouts, they must set out on a mission to recover a treasure for the Queen. To be successful, they must overcome tall walls, K9s, and the dreaded Cyclops! 

Under Development

Episode Eight

The River Snax

Felina has fled from Siam Town and the cadre of felines must cross the trecherous River Snax. Princess Cato and her bodyguard, Second Claw, are following them. Mr. Geiger must double his efforts to thwart the growing threat the cats pose. 

Under Development

Episode Nine

Cat Tails

In this 'bottle' episode, we learn important background details about several characters including Amazing Grace and Professor Waffles. Additionally, we see flashbacks of Atomic City in its hey-day before the arrival of the purple sludge. 

Under Development

Episode Ten

Huddlestrom's Haven

We finally meet the fabled sage Huddlestrom, his acolytes and yes, finally, an emotional reunion. Felina's harrowing trek through Atomic City is revealed. Huddlestrom's backstory is revealed and the clear need to stop Mr. Geiger and his minions becomes apparent. 

Under Development

Episode Eleven

Battle for Atomic City I

At last, the 'Army of 29 Cats' is assembled! All the animals prepare for the fight of their lives. With the future of Atomic City and its inhabitants hanging in the balance, Destiny beacons the Army of 29 Cats! 

Under Development

Episode Twelve

Battle for Atomic City II

The great conflict is engaged! Mr. Geiger's large nefarious forces are unleashed! As the battle rages, our intrepid heroes must use their intelligence, might, and teamwork to discover and destroy the plans and resources set against their world! 

Under Development
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